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About Us
I'm Steve Williams. I started Backstreet Leather more than 30 years ago. If you'd like to read more about Backstreet Leather, you can click the Backstreet Leather link on the left side of this page and click the "About Us" link when you get there. Right now I'm going to talk about Backstreet Emblems.

Backstreet Emblems is a brand new enterprise for us. We're adding these emblems to our store as well as making them available online. Our supplier is an old friend and business associate, a North Carolina native who's been in the emblem business for close to thirty years. Having him as a supplier is like having a partner of many years experience, and enables me to assure you that you'll receive a quality product.

I know that a quality product is only part of what it takes to get and keep your business. I know we have to get your order right, everytime. I know you expect prompt attention and friendly service. I know that being brand new, Backstreet Emblems faces a lot of tough competition, so we're going to try very hard to make you happy.

If any of our products or our service fail to please you, please let me know right away. I'll do everything reasonable and even beyond reasonable to make it right.


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