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Custom Items at Backstreet Leather Raleigh NC
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  Custom Items at Backstreet Leather Raleigh NC
Custom Items > Your Custom-Made Leather Item

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Four-inch wide horsehide razor strop

Heavy-leather watchband

Sheepskin-lined turquoise cuffs

Custom-fitted sandals

Armband with rings, spikes, and studs

Personalized guitar straps

Your Custom-Made Leather Item

If you want a leather item that you just can’t find anywhere, we’ll work with you by email and/or by phone to determine:

  - what you want
  - whether it’s something we can do
  - the price.

If you decide to order, you can come back to this page, choose the price we’ve agreed upon, type in a brief or complete description of the item we’re going to make for you, and complete your order.

Let’s get started.
Write to us at:
Give us an idea of what you’re after, and let us know the best way to contact you.

Custom Price 
Custom Description 
Custom Items at Backstreet Leather Raleigh NC

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