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Leather Dog Harness | Heavy Duty } Backstreet Leather Backstreet Leather
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Leather Dog Harness | Heavy Duty } Backstreet Leather
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  Leather Dog Harness | Heavy Duty } Backstreet Leather
Pet Products > Dog Halters > Heavy Duty Dog Harness
Heavy Duty Dog Harness
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Heavy Duty Dog Harness

Construction  Starting with selected 10-12 oz oak-tanned hides, we hand-cut and finish each piece of these halters, paying particular attention to achieving smooth, comfortable edges.

    The fit can be adjusted at four different points. You have
D-rings for connecting a leash at the base of the neck or beneath the chest. Hardware is Solid Brass, Chrome Plated Solid Brass, or, optionally, Stainless Steel. And there’s no stronger way to fasten leather than the big rivet-and-burr-type copper rivets we use.

Color  Choose one of sixteen available colors from the Color menu below.

Fit  We’ll need your dog’s neck measurement and chest measurement. (See our Sizing tips for instructions on getting proper measurements.)  Choose the correct neck measurement from the "Size" menu and a chest measurement from the "Width" menu.

Other Options  The design of the chest piece allows room for some creative options, so if you’d like lettering and/or a design tooled into the leather, or a pattern of studs and/or spikes, we can do that!  We can also add padding to your specifications.  We can communicate by email, using photos or drawings to come up with exactly what you want. Contact us at:

Note: Because our craftsmen make this item to your order, it may take up to 14 days to be shipped from our shop.
Contact us for faster shipping on rush orders.

Standard Buckle
Leather Dog Harness | Heavy Duty } Backstreet Leather

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